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About Patriot Software Group

Why choose Us.

Our products are built around listening to the needs of the customer, evaluating what is working (along with what is not) and building a solid solution.

Our Mission.

To enrich the lives of individuals personally and professionally by providing innovative tech tools for communication and collaboration.

What we Do.

We Build Solutions.

Years of Information Technology (IT) Experience
Hours of Programming Experience
Hours of Project Management Experience
Years of Nonprofit Leadership Experience
CEO & Founder

Carmelita Resh, PMP

My goal is to inspire change in how we support our Military and Veteran community.

In addition to serving as Founder and CEO of Patriot Software Group, I am also the Founder and CEO of the Veteran nonprofit Patriot Placements and a Veteran Spouse. I am often asked if I have a list of Veteran resources. While helping a disabled Veteran who lost his rental to a fire, I quickly learned that not all organizations helping Active Military and veterans are responsive or dependable. I created Patriot Rated to be one source for the Military and Veteran community to search for and share their experiences with Military and Veteran resources.

My IT Skill Set

  • Microsoft .NET
  • SQL Server
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
Director of Business Development

George W. Casey, USMC Veteran

George W. Casey is a United States Marine Corps Veteran who served from 2008-2012. While in the Marine Corps, he served as an 0311 Infantryman. George deployed to Afghanistan with 2nd Battalion 4th Marines where he served as a Squad Leader. Through his time in the Marine Corps, he was instilled with discipline which inspired him become a serial entrepreneur.

Today, George is the Vice President for the United States Veteran Chamber of Commerce. His duties include Veteran Entrepreneurship and starting new chambers in the Southeast portion of the United States. George is committed to serving Veterans ensuring no Veteran has to experience what he went through after he transitioned. He continues to serve his Veteran community sitting on the board of multiple Veteran Non-Profits.

George continues with his entrepreneurship spirit and currently owns a Real Estate investing company and is a full-time Commercial Real Estate Agent. He truly believes that Veterans make the best entrepreneurs. He continues his mission in severing his fellow brothers and sisters.